Is this Iron Man 3 parody trailer better than the original?


Iron Man 3 may have stormed the Box Office but it’s a low-budget alternative that’s winning critical acclaim online.

The superhero sequel headed straight to number one in the UK film chart having recorded the largest opening of any film so far in 2013 following its release on April 14.

Without the blockbuster’s reported $200million (£130m) budget, a group of amateur filmmakers have had to take a different approach.

Recreating the film’s trailer scene by scene, the comic book fans have had to find cheaper alternatives when it comes to special effects and the movie’s stellar cast.

Billionaire Tony Stark’s Iron Man costume becomes more of a cardboard suit, while actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been replaced by a man in a wig.

Toy helicopters dangling from a piece of string and toy soldiers also feature, although Robert Downey Jr’s distinctive tones remain.

Despite the visual limitations, the fan-made trailer has…

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