‘Domino’s Live’ Cameras Invite Customers to Follow Store Action, Live and Uncut

CBS Detroit

ANN ARBOR — They used to say that you didn’t want to see how they make sausage.

Apparently Domino’s Pizza is much more confident about the process used to make its pizzas, at least at one of its 10,300 stores.

Domino’s Wednesday announced it is truly opening its doors — digitally — to anyone who cares to look. The company has launched a new Domino’s Live online platform — a destination where customers can follow the action of an in-store lunch or dinner rush live, and experience something unique and innovative to the world of pizza and quick service restaurants.

Online customers will get a live, uncut glimpse, via five installed cameras within a Domino’s store in Salt Lake City, into the start-to-finish making of a pizza — perhaps even their own. The initial single-store pilot program launched Wednesday and will run throughout the month of May.

“We at Domino’s…

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