Another Child Star From The 60’s Passes Away

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

If you were a child of the 1950’s and 1960’s, you more than likely watched Leave It To Beaver.

The show ran from 1957-1963, starting on CBS in 1957, then moving to ABC until its cancellation in 1963. 234 episodes were made, watching Wally and the Beaver grow up with good-looking parents: Ward and June Cleaver.

People always wondered what Ward did for a living (he was an accountant!). And what interesting friends Wally and Beaver had: Eddie Haskell, Larry Mondelo, Gilbert Bates, Mary Ellen Rogers, and Clarence “Lumpy’ Rutherford.

Frank Bank, who played Lumpy, passed away April 13 at age 71.

Bank’s character was not only a friend of the Cleaver boys, he was the son of Ward Cleaver’s business associate, Fred Rutherford.

Lumpy was a typical American teenager: loved the girls (although not quite as handsome as Wally), bullied the little kids (nothing too serious back then unlike…

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