Troubling Trend Of Thigh Gaps Gaining Popularity

CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBS4) – You can it see it when models walk down the runway. A visible gap between their thighs, or a thigh gap. Teens and women are becoming dangerously infatuated with acquiring the thin legs and wide thigh gaps.

Thin legs are the envy of young girls and women around the country, feeding their insecurities. More and more are going to dangerous lengths to create a thigh gap, or a visible space between your legs.

“People are working excessively at exercising in order to maybe change the way their body is or restricting what they eat,” said University of Miami body consultant, Tammy Sifre.

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Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter are inundated with images praising models with thin legs and wide gaps. There are even more than 700,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter accounts dedicated to the thigh gap.

Sifre said it’s a toxic environment for…

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One thought on “Troubling Trend Of Thigh Gaps Gaining Popularity

  1. First, wanting slimmer thighs is NOT a trend (Thighmaster anyone?). Second, there are varying degrees to a thigh gap – there is no one gap that fits all. Third, to get a thigh gap or just slimmer thighs all one needs to do is diet/workout EFFECTIVELY. No crash dieting or excessive exercise needed.

    Diet is about 80% of fat loss and exercise about 20%. In fact some experts say exercise is really only best for maintenance because you are not burning nearly what you think you are burning (coupled with the calories you have to subtract for the net total calories burned).

    One could also be doing all the wrong exercises that are building up muscles in the legs (hypertrophy) instead of slimming them down. For example, if you’re doing weighted leg work. Contrary to what many trainers claim lots of reps (especially if you’re doing them everyday) are going to increase the mass of your legs. The larger your thigh circumference, the smaller your gap.

    I would suggest googling the blog/book “The Thigh Gap Hack”. It may not be quick, but at least you’ll get there faster once you stop doing the wrong things and incorporate more of the proper things.

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