‘Misunderstanding’ leads to high-altitude brawl between climbers, sherpas on Mount Everest

National Post | News

Three European climbers have described being attacked by a group of sherpas near the summit of Mount Everest in what appears to be the world’s highest altitude brawl.

Violence broke out at 24,000ft – 5,406ft below the summit – following an argument between three Alpine mountaineers and guides in which one sherpa is alleged to have threatened them with an ice axe and all three were later allegedly attacked with stones and rocks by a “mob” after they retreated to a lower camp.

The climbers – Jonathan Griffith, a Briton, Simone Moro, an Italian, and Ueli Steck, a Swiss – said their lives were saved by the intervention of other Western climbers at Camp 2. A Tibetan government spokesmen and sherpa leaders confirmed that there had been a “fight” and that it was the first such incident they could recall on the world’s highest peak. One sherpa blamed the “poor…

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