Lucky puppy survives after swallowing two-foot long metal lead


A Staffordshire bull terrier clearly didn’t fancy going for walkies after swallowing his 2ft long metal lead.

Nine-month-old Buster needed emergency surgery after grabbing the chain while his owner’s partner was distracted on the phone.

‘I was in bed ill at the time, when my partner came running upstairs and told me that Buster had swallowed his lead,’ explained owner Jackie Stephenson, 38, from Middlesbrough.

‘At first I didn’t believe it, I ran around turning the house upside down looking for the chain.

‘I didn’t think there was any way that he could do that. Plus he’s always been such a good puppy and never tried to eat anything before.’

Swallowing the chain could have been potentially deadly for Buster before he had an emergency procedure at his local PDSA PetAid hospital.

Vet Mary Tonge said: ‘We examined Buster’s stomach and couldn’t feel anything unusual; it wasn’t until we X-rayed…

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