Google Now: Now on the iPhone and iPad


It’s been a plausible-sounding rumor for a while. And now it’s reality: Google Now, Google’s voice-controlled assistant, is available for Apple’s iOS. To be specific, it’s launching today as a new feature in the Google Search app for iPhone and iPad, giving users of Apple gadgets a feature which has been unique to Android phones until now.

(I was going to say that Now is “finally” arriving on iOS, but it actually didn’t take all that long — the feature debuted only 10 months ago, when Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was announced. It’s just that it’s so clever and useful that it quickly felt like a fundamental Android feature.)

[image] Google Now

If you were going to lump Google Now into a category of mobile apps, you’d categorize it with Apple’s own Siri. The emphasis of the two apps is quite different, though. Google Now, like Siri, lets you do…

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