Reading While Eating for Apr. 29: An End to Tebow Time


The New York Jets Release Quarterback Tim Tebow. The former Florida Gators star spent just one unremarkable season with the team. The Jets reportedly sought to trade Tebow but found no suitors. (ESPN)

Nine Things You Might Not Know About Tebow. He only follows one woman on Twitter. No word on whether Manti Te’o’s saga played a role in that decision. (NewsFeed)

The 11 Lowlights of His Season With the Jets. These are all pretty unimpressive, though none of them come even close to the ultimate lowlight of the Jets’ season. (BuzzFeed)

Let’s Climb Some Lockers. Or not—here’s your optical illusion of the day, brought to you by school children with way too much time on their hands. (The Daily What)

How Much Do Rare Books Cost? As much as $30 million, according to some reports. Among the priciest items are a…

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