17 completely unremarkable cats


1. Do I look like i’m here to please you?

2. My tongue is actually furry and gross.

3. I’ve never been within 50 yards of a ball of string.

4. Being listed is degrading to my kind.


6. I don’t nap to be cute I nap to NOT DIE.

7. The Walking Dead looks good but I never got round to watching it.

8. I never asked for this.

9. My Facebook profile is BOGUS.

10. Maybe don’t Instagram this one huh?

11. I am a cat, not kitten, ADULT CAT.

12. Laugh it up, I will disappear for 70-80% of the day.

13. I can’t feed my kittens on Likes.

14. I am cat?

15. How about we dress YOU as Walter White?

16. There isn’t enough counselling in the world for this.

17. HELP. ME.

Next week: 23 shows that don’t…

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