Daft Punk are a breath of fresh old-skool air, says Fatboy Slim


Fatboy Slim has praised Daft Punk for giving dance music ‘a kick up the a**e’ and being a ‘breath of fresh old-skool air’.

The DJ said electronic dance music was in danger of becoming ‘a bit bland’ but was saved by the French duo.

He told the Daily Star: ‘I’m so impressed by them. It’s a breath of fresh old-skool air. The EDM thing has become a collection of huge noises that sound the same and are a bit bland.

‘I’m glad Daft Punk have given us all a kick up the a**e. They are so simple and melodic. They’re the last great dance music supergroup you’ll hear.’

His comments echo those made by Daft Punk, who recently claimed electronic dance music was having ‘an identity crisis’.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Thomas Bangalter said: ‘It’s not moving one inch. That’s not what artists are supposed to do.


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