The Saints NFL Draft: Stolen by Goodella The Hun


As NFL Draft Day, 2013 approaches, Saints fans and the weary city that supports this most beleaguered of pro sports franchises should be experiencing a Steinbeck-ian “Winter of Discontent.” “To be alive at all is to have scars(1)” wrote Steinbeck and looking at the “mock drafts” one can eyeball at (1a) the scar of not having a second round pick is fresh and still painful. This is the last little bit of “punishment” meted about by NFL commissioner Roger “Goodella The Hun.”

Since the Huns’ edict was announced(2) from the NFL’s version of Saruman’s tower, the fabricated story of how the Saints single-handedly conspired to maim NFL players has unraveled like Louisiana Lottery promises to fund public education(3). Linebacker Johnathan Vilma heroically(4) proved the fallacy of the Hun’s case by threatening to air the matter in a public court. To save Goodella from disgrace, the NFL dragged former commissioner…

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