Putting Canada on the map: 16th-century globe that first labeled Great White North to be auctioned in U.K.

National Post | News

It’s a cartographic creation that, literally, put “Canada” on the map — a 436-year-old, Italian-made globe, believed to be the first of its kind to label the northernmost part of the New World by the name that’s still attached to this country.

The well-preserved wooden sphere, created in 1577 by printmaker Mario Cartaro, is to be sold next month at a British auction, along with a matching “celestial” globe depicting the heavens as understood by 16th-century scholars.

The twin set of globes, according to Sotheby’s, is “extremely rare” — one of only two pairs known to exist, the other being housed in a centuries-old observatory in Rome — and thus expected to sell for as much as $235,000 at a May 19 sale of antique atlases, maps and other historical objects.

“These globes are celebrated for the restrained delicacy, precision and beauty of their engraving,” Sotheby’s states in its catalogue…

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