“Obilvion” Leads Lame Movie Field

CBS St. Louis

Remember when Tom Cruise made movies like “Born on the 4th of July” and “Rainman?” Not any more, simply because he has proven bankable as an action and sci-fi film star. He latest film of that type, “Oblivion,” heavy on special effects and light on story, was number one at the box office with an opening weekend total of $38.1 million.

42 pic

The motion picture about Jackie Robinson, “42,” continues strong at the box office taking in $18 million this weekend, down 34% from opening weekend. It gives “42” at good box office batting average of $54.1 million for its first two weeks.

croods 1

The family animated film in 3-D, “The Croods” was third this weekend with $9.5 million. For 5 weeks, “The Croods” has a total of $154.9 million in the till.

scary pic

“Scary Movie 5,” probably the last in this comedy series, was fourth over the weekend with $6.3 million. In fifth place…

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