Lily Tomlin speaks up for elephants in documentary

Originally posted on The Beast 980:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lily Tomlin’s admiration for elephants began when she met Ruby and Billy.

The zoo dwellers also sparked her desire to help improve the lives of elephants in captivity and the chances for survival of those in the wild. “An Apology to Elephants,” a documentary produced and narrated by Tomlin, is one result. It debuted this week on HBO.

“I had done some animal activism” and donated money, Tomlin said, but becoming enlightened about elephants prompted her to focus on their plight.

The film is an unabashed polemic, calling for improved treatment of elephants in zoos and an end to the use of the animals as entertainment, which the film contends must invariably involve abuse. Circus operators do not have a say, although a zoo that has overhauled its elephant habitat weighs in.

“An Apology to Elephants” also outlines the animal’s importance to ecosystems and the dangers…

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